Occam’s Hand

Supplementary materials for Occam’s Hand project.

Occam's Hand mock-up, Jack Butler 2014
Photoshopped mock-up of Occam’s Hand installation in an imaginary exhibition.

OCCAM’S HAND: Image, touch, song at the service of healing
A touch sensitive audio drawing installation

As an artist-patient, crossing the boundaries between art and medical science, I map my route to recovery by drawing. writing and song. A map-like drawing of the (helping) hands of many friends is mounted on a drafting table activated by touch to respond by playing five “songs”; songs about drawing as a technology of the hand: drawing as affect at the service of healing; and about touch and the skin ego.

Occam's Hand drawing, work in progress by Jack Butler
Occam’s Hand drawing, work in progress

Occam's Hand drawing, detail, by Jack Butler
Occam’s Hand drawing, detail


The technology and methods used in Occam’s Hand were originally developed by the artist as part of the project “Art and Cold Cash,” described in the video below:

Link to video on Vimeo (produced in collaboration with artist/videographer Larry Glawson)

My earliest memory of money was selling flower seeds door to door, 2006, documentation of the first iteration (prototype) of the technology and methods I developed in collaboration with Chandra Bulucon and Doug Back for our “Art and Cold Cash Collective” exhibitions, 2004-2009 and that will be developed further for “Occam’s Hand”.

Sample audio to be used in the Occam’s Hand table installation (activated by touching the table): Shoulder Fear, Hand Song #1

Shoulder Fear: Hand Song #1 is a sample of the audio components to be developed for the installation. There will be 5 songs, three of which will use the voices of the artist and friends together with actual sounds recorded in the MRI and sounds inspired by the experience of the MRI. The songs can be activated to play simultaneously by touching various parts of the drawing.


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