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Dark Body

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Dark Body is a small, highly focused exhibition drawn from five projects at the intersection of art and medical research. These drawings instantiate the question: Could the body stand in the place of the limen between two historically defined solitudes? Can the body be represented as an ontologically transparent layer through which art and science are mutually visible?

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Video demonstration of the sound table:

Occam’s Hand, (touch sensitive audio drawing installation, in collaboration with sound artist Chandra Bulucon and software designer Doug Back), 2014. Video recorded by Andre Jodoin

The five interactive songs that play in response to the instruction – “Caress the drawing firmly”, were composed and recorded by sound artist Chandra Bulucon:


Climbing the Steps_Song 3_D4

JButler_HAND_Shoulder Fear_Song 1

Drawing_Song 4_D2

My Body_Song 2

Essay by Andre Jodoin:

“Dark Body (an introduction)

“In Dark Body I examine some works by Jack Butler in my first attempt to think about relations between a theory of practice and a theory of art with respect to a specific artist and their works. It appears to me that art criticism often conflates techniques of production with practices. My aim here is to simply raise that issue, sharpen the distinction, and consider the appropriateness of a theory of art to a theory of practice… ” [link to full essay (.pdf): Andre.DarkBody_full essay]

More info about the artist on the website of the Red Head Gallery: